Lafine Cosmetics has been providing quality products at affordable prices for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on giving that bit extra to have products with an edge.

Our two main product lines are Catalina Geo and Alina.

Renowned for quality, affordability and excellence, Catalina Geo products are made from premium non-allergenic ingredients and have outstanding results with problem skin types.

Where appropriate, Catalina Geo products contain titanium dioxide, a natural sunscreen which deflects UV light rays and protects your skin. Products are not tested on animals.

Lipsticks that come with a lipliner, mascara with refills, foundations with applicator sponges, protective pouches for the compacts, Lafine Cosmetics prides itself on giving that bit extra to have products with an edge.

Lafine Cosmetics supplies Catalina Geo and Alina products to beauty salons, hair salons, freelance makeup artists and training schools.

For the complete package, Lafine Cosmetics also offers cosmetic accessories such as professional sable hair brushes and disposable sponges and applicators, to create ease of ordering for our salons.

Alina, the next generation, is our in-house range designed exclusively by Lafine Cosmetics to compliment the existing range of Catalina Geo, whilst having an up to the minute “fashion focus”.

Alina products are sourced from leading cosmetics manufacturers around the world continuing the Lafine Cosmetics philosophy of quality ingredients at an affordable price.